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KPR Engineers and associates is an organization that involves the discovery of new Engineering concepts, fuelled by the integration of the creative and innovative capabilities. We deliver sustainable and cost-reflective solutions to the industry. We at KPR Engineers and associates have realized the gap that exists in the Engineering fraternity within our country; the shortage of experienced technical staff in the industry, ageing assets, energy demand growth higher than supply and universal access challenges. With a wealth of experience in an Engineering field, we are well positioned to raise the standard of service in the field of infrastructure development & management, information & communications technology, and training & development. The company leverages its access to a network of technically competent individuals and organizations to provide flexibility in its offering and delivering the required services to its clients.

Electrical Power Systems Projects

KPR Engineers and associates is able to quickly mobilize expertise across a variety of disciplines and sectors..

Programme and project management

With many decades of experience in capital investment programmes and project management and delivery, .

Renewable Energy

KPR Engineers has positioned itself to play a major role towards contributing to the government strategic initiatives

Training skills development

\ Our key people actively collaborate with universities (TUT and VUT part time lecturing), present at industry conferences